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How I Cope With Mondays

Dexy, my bulldog, sleeping on my bed

Bob Geldof sang  “I don’t like Mondays”

does that short sentence resonate with you?

Loads of people still think  Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats had the right idea

“Tell me why I don’t like Mondays, I want to shoot
The whole day down”




Well, i love Mondays because I see Mondays as being an opportunity for a fresh start.

I thought I would share 4 power tips that I use to make Monday one of my best
days of the week


I Changed My Monday Mindset

I don’t make Monday a miserable day by thinking that I should be super productive on my first day back to work after the weekend……. boo that.

Monday for me is the perfect day to be productive doing tasks which will help the whole week.

I might clean out some files or set goals for the week or chase up emails from the previous Friday.

I complete a To Do list on a Friday before I leave for home, in this list I always write down 3 small things that I can do differently on the following Monday.

Some of the small things I have included have been

  • leaving 10 minutes later for work on a Monday so I can do some self-development (reading)
  • Having a fried breakfast home cooked
  • Visiting my mother on the way into the office, she always cheers me up with her cussing.

I also find that listening to music on my way into work really pushes away any negativity I may be feeling about the first day back after the weekend.


Monday Mini Meditations Can Be Really Positive.

If I find myself struggling to get in the groove on a Monday, I will do some mini meditation.

I’ll find a place of solitude, sit down, set my alarm on the phone for 2 minutes, close my eyes then count my breathing.

It is amazing what peace this brings me throughout the day.

You should try it………


Turn Monday Into Funday, Harness the Friday Feeling

We all live for the weekend, but why wait until the weekend to do the things you enjoy.

I often organise a mid-week night out with the wife.

Nothing too heavy, maybe a meal, or cinema (although that is getting expensive)

Having a something to look forward to mid week after work helps to 

Harness that Friday feeling and breaks up the flow of the week and keeps me from getting bored with the mundane.

Don’t keep all your fun and good times for the weekend.


Body & Soul

I try and adopt healthy habits on the weekend, to make me feel more energetic
and happier.

I read somewhere that the mind and body are interconnected, the food we eat,
the sleep we get and how active we are can alter our body chemistry, which
in turn, can alter our mood and thoughts.

So I don’t have a lie in as my body would think that is the norm rather than the exception

I generally have breakfast every weekend, even though I don’t have this important meal normally during the week.

And I take my little Dexy Bulldog on long walks around my local area.

Dexy, my bulldog, sleeping on my bed

So you can see these are some of 4 things I do to make my Mondays more productive.


Over to you now people.

Do any of you have any great tips that you use to make your Monday’s less of a pain?.

The best tips will get a mention from yours truly.


Nigel (I love Mondays) Campbell


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