hey small business owners, who want to generate leads

Discover How To Market Your Business Online,

Attract Prospects And Convert More Sales

Without Being A Spammy Asshole!

If I Offered You A Complete Lead Generation Roadmap Which Helped You Grow Your Business... Would You Sit Up And Pay Attention?

"Marketing online is easy!" they said.

"Just set up a Facebook Business page!" they said.

The problem for you as a small business owner is that, you are likely struggling to market your business consistently, this results in

Loss of confidence in your business.

Difficulty selling your products or services

Overwhelm with the amount of marketing that you think you need to do

Fear of other people thinking that your social media posts are annoying

The secret to success in business is quite simple really all you need to do is

  • Attract prospects
  • Educate and nurture them
  • Convert them into customers
  • Educate and nurture them
  • Then get them to buy some more

The key to success with marketing is to set up a system that connects, all your client generating assets together, and what makes this even more powerful is that you only need to set it up once and then add fuel to the mix.

What you need most of all though, is somebody to show you how to set it all up.

I Am That Somebody!

Hey, i'm Nigel Campbell your very own small business marketing hero

I created the Love Sales Hate Selling Crash Course because I was sick of coming across small business owners who were not doing right by themselves online.

They all had the same old problems and it got to the point where everytime I had a presentation with a prospect we always ended up talking about the same holes in their marketing...

After delivering the crash course as a live event before the 2020 lockdown, I realised that I had to make this available to more small business owners

So I have.It sounds corny but it’s just too powerful to keep to myself.

When it comes to being prepared and ready to sell, the size of your business does not matter, but marketing your business online is getting more difficult and more expensive by the day, so you need all the help you can get.

Just having a social media profile and website isn’t enough to start making you money from your business, that’s why this course is designed to for you to be able to put things in place easily and then be able to measure the results.

I am confident that once you understand how it all connects, you will be excited to start seeing your results.

Want to know EXACTLY how I do it?

Time To Get Prepared And Ready To Sell

Love Sales Hate Selling

I mean imagine what your life would be like if you could

  • Market your business without feeling annoying
  • Felt confident that what you were selling was good for your customers
  • Learn how to create content which does the selling for you
  • Make enough money from your business to start contributing to the household
  • People spoke about your business and recommended you to others.

...You don't even have to be good at sales!

So , How Does This Work?

The Love Sales, Selling Crash Course, teaches you a  process to put in place with the right end goal , this means the difference between you attracting a prospect or attracting a qualified prospect.

The key thing is this method gives you a single focus, it makes online marketing easier (and we all know that means you generate more leads and sales).

Rather than you have a marketing approach which has you trying to find leads everyday this method brings leads to you without you coming across as spammy, desperate or sales-y.

 It's easy to follow and implement, and you don't have to do any deep trinaing or research in order to start seeing results straight away

Communicate effectively and attract prospects

Remove marketing overwhelm and sleep easier knowing your marketing is working

Convert more sales for your business and make money.

Every morning I wake up and check my notifications and it is always a pleasant suprise to see the activity that has gone on overnight.

Ever since I implemented this system into my business almost every day I get
New leads and subscribers for my email list, sales of my online courses and new prospect appointments appearing in my calender.
I did not build this system,  it is already out there, you just need to be disciplined and consistent with your approach.

Love Sales Hate Selling Crash Course

I've designed this course to be quick for you to learn and even quicker for you to implement.

Just watch the video training and you will be amazed at how simple but effective some of the ideas will appear to be.

But trust me when you apply them in your business you will be happy with the difference.

Bonus #1: How To Overcome Your Common Sales Objections

Want to convert more of your presentations into sales without coming across as salesy. In this bonus training, I’ll walk you through my strategy for overcoming sales objections. Learn how you can deal with the sales objections you encounter before you even get them

Bonus #2 Get Your Head Around Those Pesky Numbers In Google Analytics

If you don't know what is working how are you supposed to figure out what to do next? It is important that you analyse the numbers behind your marketing. Understanding Google Analytics goes a long way to helping you do just that, as well as helping you plan your marketing strategy moving forward.


Enrolling in the Love Sales, Hate Selling Crash Course May Result In


Finally connect the dots in your marketing.

Boosted website traffic

Joined up marketing  means more visitors to your website.


Your online assets qualify 
what you say you are and do

Here's What's Included Today:

> The Love Sales Hate Selling Crash Course (Value $99)
> BONUS #1: How To Overcome Your Common Sales Objections ( value $47)
> BONUS #2: How To Understand Google Analytics (Value $29)


You Pay Just $47

PLUS You're Covered With My 
100% Money Back Guarantee!

I'm so confident you’re going to love the Love Sales Hate Selling Crash Course that i'm willing to back it up with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

That’s right. Dive in. Implement what you learn in the Crash Course in to your business .

If it’s not the easiest, most effective way to streamline your marketing and more importantly understand what works
you’ve ever seen, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course be right for me?

Well if you are running a small business and you are unsure of how to market your business online, Then this will suit you down to the ground as everything in the crash course is geared towards helping you understand:
What to do, Why you are doing it and How to implement it.


What will signing up for this course do for me and my business?

If you implement what is shown in the crash course, then I would expect you to feel happier and less stressed about your online marketing with a growing belief in yourself, your business and what you are working towards. YOU will finally get rid of the feeling of not knowing what you are doing and I would expect you to see a noticeable increase in opportunities for you and your business

How many lessons are in the Love Sales Hate Selling Crash Course?

You can work at your own pace as all the videos are uploaded and ready to be watched by you. There are 43 videos in total including bonuses. The longest video is 3 minutes, most of them are between 60 - 90 seconds each.


How does the Love Sales, Hate Selling Crash Course work?

There are 4 modules including a bonus which you will unlock as you go through the Crash Course. Each module contains lessons that you can go through systematically and or watch in any order that you like.
It is advised that you go through it systematically as the accompanying workbook can be used at the same time.

Do I need a lot of technical skills to implement the training?

No, the only thing you will need is a willingness to get things done.
If you have your web designer on standby, that will probably help as you may want to make a few tweaks to your website as you go through the course

What about if it doesn't work for me?

If you can prove that you have implemented everything shown and not seen any kind of change in your marketing results, then I will be happy to give you a full 100% money-back guarantee, i am that confident in this course.

Here's What's Included Today:

> The Love Sales Hate Selling Crash Course (Value $99)
> BONUS #1: How To Overcome Your Common Sales Objections ( value $47)
> BONUS #2: How To Understand Google Analytics (Value $29)


You Pay Just $47