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If You Want More Leads And Sales For Your Business













Your still here good.

Keep reading below and you’ll discover the secret

that all successful businesses use to maximise growth and profits.

You can easily use these techniques yourself to


  • Attract more prospects to your business
  • Convert more sales in less time
  • Charge more for your goods and services
  • Market your business on semi autopilot


That being said none of it really makes sense until we mention one

Uncomfortable truth……

The #1 Problem Facing Small Business Owners In 2020+

(and yes that includes YOU too )

There is so much information online

You are constantly bombarded everyday with endless offers of shiny objects

That promise you that your business will grow if you apply the latest technique or fad

With all these marketing tactics and techniques that you’re supposed to follow it’s no surprise

That I hear business owners say things like


  • Online Marketing is confusing for them
  • Growing their sales feels likes an uphill battle
  • Finding prospects is hard work
  • Retaining customers is painful and they don’t know how to do it
  • How do I find the right clients?


But it is not all doom and gloom


Far from it, running your own business and marketing it online is still the cheapest way to market your business.

The amount of people that you can connect with online, Far outstrips anything else


But it is not as easy as putting up a facebook page and asking for likes

Or creating a social media profile and just posting buy me offers

Prospects are immune to all that

And if you constantly ask them to buy, buy, buy

They will run, run, run

If you know anything about marketing

Then you will have heard of AIDA

Attention, Interest, Desire Action

You Need To Market Your Business Properly In 2020

Or at least you need to if you want to grow your revenue and convert more sales

Marketing that brings results no matter what you are doing whether it be online or offline

….Remember that secret

The one I mentioned about that all successful businesses use to grow their profits

It is quite simple really, all they do is

?Attract prospects

?Educate and nurture them

?Convert them into customers when they are ready to buy

?Educate and nurture them

?Then get them to buy some more

And all the while they keep adding in more prospects

Now this may all sound complicated to you at the moment

But the good news is you can do this too and easily

All you have to do is make sure you are

Prepared and Ready To Sell

And This is where the

Love Sales Hate Selling Crash Course Workshop Can help YOU



You see I’m sick and tired of you small business owners

Missing the obvious things that they you can do

To improve your marketing and sales without spending a penny

So, if you are one of the small business owners I have come across

Who is wondering

  • How to get referrals?
  • How to find more leads?
  • How to find the right clients?
  • How to convert more sales?


Then get yourself booked onto the next Crash Course ASAP


As I am running it on Zoom we can have up to 100 attendees, but I cap it at 12 so we can really get focused





"If anyone is looking for a business advisor that is competent, that uses current technologies to service their clients, responds in a timely manner no matter what size the business and gets the work done on time at a reasonable rate they need look no further, Nigel is that guy."

”Incredible! Nigel knowledge is mind-blowing with no nonsense, just assisted with my business and showed how I can gain quality leads. I love to work with people who deliver what they say but the added bonus was Nigel continued to support me through out. Wish I met him sooner!"

I’m going to be straight up truthful here.

Being a small business owner has its challenges.

If your business remains in the position it’s in, or you continue to struggle day to day wondering where your next client is coming from;

Will YOU be ok with that?!


?Back In September?

Venue: Your computer or tablet

Cost: £TBA


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