Resources I Use To Run My Business

If you are marketing your business online, you will need software and tools that make it easier for you to get more done and save you time. There are countless tools and services, and the big difficulty is choosing the best tools for your online business from the large volume.

Some tools and services are real gems, but there are some which ain't great, so you need to know how to find the gold nuggets that can accelerate your productivity and success. I have used and invested in numerous software and services. and I have collected this list of the best products which have  worked for me and been most helpful. These resources will save you time and money.

I recommend this page only for products and services that I have used, which benefited me personally. This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you).


Later is a powerful social media scheduling tool. It can help you create, manage, and optimize a variety of content from text and image posts, right up to video and more. You can use it to schedule to many of the platforms, and best of all they have a free membership


Otter is a cloud based tool which allows you transcript your videos, so that you can re-use the content in your other online marketing, like blog posts, e-books, smaller videos. You can download your content in a variety of formats such as srt, doc and text file.  You can even download the audio recording to re-use in podcasts and other audio projects.


Canva makes design easy for everyone. If you are marketing online or offline it is important that you create eye-catching designs to grab attention. From social media posts, to pdf's, e-books and full blown presentations, Canva can help you do this and much more.


Thrive Themes

When you are building a website on wordpress, you need, excellent and easy to use tools. Thrive Themes has been absolute game changer for me. It comes with a fantastic suite of tools which cover everything you will need to make your website a lead generation and sales conversion machine.

social media scheduling missing lettr


If you create and curate blog content either for your website or for your client's websites, this useful tool can help inspire you to create more content and repurpose your existing content.

Missing Lettr. helps you build campaigns by using its own unique AI to pull snippets from your existing content. You can read more about it here



If you need to create marketing content and prompts aren't your thing, then you can’t go wrong with Rytr.me. This a.i. content creator produces marketing material quickly and efficiently

I use it in conjunction with Chat GPT to produce amazing content for me and my clients You can read more about it here