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November 10, 2023

More sales conversations means more conversions

Introducing the A.P.O.C Methodolgy: A Clear Guide to Boosting Your Sales

Sales is often described as a numbers game. The more sales conversations you engage in, the higher your chances of converting those interactions into actual sales.

If you run a service-oriented business and aspire to grow your sales, the key lies in attracting more prospects for meaningful sales conversations. Which in turn will improve your sales conversion rate.

A methodology that I follow with my students in my coaching programs is A.P.O.C. and it stands for.



Objection Handling


Let me explain how it all fit’s together.

get the attention of prospects so they want to find out more

Using attention to attract prospects.

Most people struggle with sales as they are not having enough conversations with prospects.

If this sounds like you then you should, consider implementing some of the following strategies:

Set Up a Lead Generation System:

Create a lead magnet and pair it with a landing page to build an email list. This list becomes your avenue for continuous sales conversations, 7 days a week.

Networking Follow-Up:

After networking events, make sure you follow up with the people you've connected with. A simple follow-up message can initiate a deeper conversation and potentially lead to a one-on-one meeting in the future.

Utilize Social Media Messaging:

Regularly post content on your social media platforms to attract new prospects and expand your audience. This content can drive more individuals to your lead magnet.

Nurture New Relationships:

Use a CRM to stay in touch with those you've connected with. Having all of your data in one place means that you don’t forget the conversations that you have had with potential customers and maximises opportunities for future engagement.

delivering sales presentation to two business owners

Refining your presentations to elevate your sales meetings

In my opinion sales meetings are essentially two-way conversations. Here's how to make them more effective and more conversational:

Focus on a Win-Win Outcome:

While your ultimate goal is making a sale, prioritise helping the person you're meeting with. Concentrate on understanding their problems, especially if they are already a qualified prospect expressing interest in your offerings.

Practice Efficient Meeting Scheduling:

Stop playing diary tennis and make the process of booking meetings with prospects smoother:

Use an Online Calendar:

Link your calendar to your phone diary to eliminate back-and-forth scheduling hassles. Tools like Calendly allow you to pre-qualify prospects by having them answer questions in advance or even make payments upfront on paid plans.

Practice Your Presentation: Rehearse your sales pitch by recording yourself or practice in front of a mirror. The more you practice, the more polished your presentation will become.

Listen More, Talk Less: Encourage your prospects to do most of the talking during meetings. If they aren't, it's likely that you're not asking the right questions. Consider using tools like ChatGpt to generate effective questions that you can use in your presentation to uncover your prospects needs.

man discussing benefit of his service to company owner

Learning how to handle objections to address concerns

Handling objections is crucial for a successful presentation here's how to handle objections more effectively.

Knowledge is Key: Know your service inside and out to address any questions effectively and present the benefits to prospects.

Proactive Objection Handling: By asking the right questions during your presentation, you can anticipate objections and address them before they arise.

Use Related Stories: Talk about past successes for existing customers, highlight their concerns before they took up your service

Practice Objection Responses: Record yourself or practice in front of a mirror to improve your ability to handle objections effectively.

two men facing each other while shake hands and smiling while closing the deal

Becoming comfortable with asking for the sale and converting more conversations

To grow your business, you must be comfortable with closing the sale:

Test Prospect Intentions: Use questions to gauge how serious prospects are about using your service.

Price Variables: Starting with a higher price point allows flexibility for discounts, if needed, to secure the deal.

Don't Assume Affordability: Let prospects decide what they can afford; if they want your service, they'll pay the price.

Effective Silence: After presenting your price, allow prospects time to consider before speaking again.

In conclusion, the A.P.O.C methodology emphasizes both sales and attraction marketing.

Remember, if you're not getting enough sales, it often means you're not engaging with enough prospects. To learn more about this methodolgy and its implementation within my coaching you can, explore further details below. 

Sales without being salesy

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