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August 23, 2020

The best email marketing platforms to consider

Email marketing is one of the longest standing and most effective ways of marketing your small business.

With data of potential leads and customers in abundance. It has never been so effective. It’s good having a campaign in mind. And even better having a list of potential leads. But without an email marketing platform, they are essentially redundant. 

To maximise the effectiveness of your campaign, you’ll want to know about the best email marketing platforms.

These platforms don’t only act as a base for your campaign to be launched from. But also allow you to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaign.

This data is crucial not only to measure the success of the campaign but also to improve for future campaigns.

email marketing platforms

The role of AI within email marketing platforms

Email marketing has become more and more effective as the years have gone on mainly thanks to technology. Add to this an ever-growing number of people using the internet. 

One form of technology which especially in recent years has catapulted email platforms to the next level is Artificial Intelligence.

When you hear the term AI you may immediately think robots and not necessarily email marketing. Within email marketing, it can optimise your campaign for certain audiences based on what it knows will and has historically in past campaigns appealed to them.



It is probably no surprise that Mailchimp finds it’s way onto this list. It is by far regarded as one of the most well-known and best email marketing platforms.

Fronted by the brand’s mascot Freddie the chimp. Mailchimp is a versatile and effective email marketing platform that can cater to the specific needs and requirements of your business. 

It’s also perfect for startups and small business with a free account available that contains all of the base features you need to start your first set of email marketing campaigns.

As your business scales up and needs more capacity and features there is also a range of premium packages to choose from. It also allows you to gain a wide range of insights from your campaign during and after.

You can check out Mailchimp here


As well as being known as one of the top CRM systems that integrates your sales and CRM into one nice little bundle. Hubspot also ranks up there as one of the best email marketing platforms.

The free email marketing tool that is included in the Hubspot software package allows you to access a range of useful resources. 

These include a range of email templates, email automation, A/B testing, email workflows. It also allows you to gain useful insights into the success of your campaign. Including reporting on how many recipients opened the email, in what time manner and how many of these converted into leads.

You can check out HubSpot here

campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor

Known as a fierce competitor to Mailchimp. Campaign Monitor is known to stand out due to how user friendly it is. Its drag-drop builder allows for easier access to email marketing for anyone and everyone. 

This visual builder also allows you to visualise what your email campaign is going to look like before it is launched. It is also extremely affordable with a basic package coming in at around £10 a month with the more advanced and premium packages coming in at around £130. 

Features included within Campaign monitor include data segmentation, email automation, workflows and template personalisation. If you want an email marketing platform that is user friendly, easy to get used to, this is for you

You can check out Campaign Monitor here


Zoho Campaigns 

Zoho has launched its very own email marketing software. This is an addition to a vast software portfolio that includes everything from their office suite to their CRM software. If you are already a user of Zoho this is one of the best email marketing platforms that you can choose from. 

One thing that stands out about their offering when it comes to email marketing is the wide range of templates. Ideal especially for companies that sell products. With seasonal templates for events such as Black Friday being in abundance. It also integrates with a wide range of third party applications including SurveyMonkey, Gsuite and much more.

You can check out Zoho here

The importance of choosing a trusted email marketing platform

With there being so many platforms available. It can sometimes feel like your spoilt for choice. However, you need to use this wide range of options to your advantage. Email campaigns are all about standing out from the rest of your competitors and tailoring both the campaign and the content. 

Each of these email platforms we have covered today has something different to offer. Depending on what you want to put into and get out of your campaign, some may be a bit better suited than others. That’s why it is important and pivotal to get an idea of what you want from your campaign before you make your choice.

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