March 19, 2022

The Sales Training Basics

Today we will cover the sales training basics, the fundamental things that you need to know when selling in business.

These tips and tricks will help you start to increase sales in your business and stop letting leads slip away and sales walk out the door. If you feel like you would benefit from more advanced sales training then reach out to me.

So without further ado, what are the basics to selling? Well, the first step is to not misconceive what selling is. A lot of people perceive selling to be focused on selling the product to the customer.

However, that will just put the customer off. Going for the traditional 'hard sell' will just give off the impression that you're solely focused on the money you'll gain from the sale. And not solving an issue they have. So instead focus on what the lead is after and how your product/service can be the solution they've been waiting for. 

sales training basics

Build relationships 

You need to focus as a business owner on developing relationships with potential clients and customers. Not only to secure the initial sale but also to increase the chances of a repeat customer. Don't just see them as a sale, see them as more than that. Look past the £25 that they may be bringing to your books if the sale goes through. 

It's also about understanding your target market and how they like to be approached. If you're in an established market, rather than reinventing the wheel as we have touched upon in another one of our blogs. Instead, utilise a tactic that has been proven in the industry already. Don't create more work for yourself at a time when you've got more than enough on your plate.

My sales training will teach you how to uncover the many benefits of your products to the end consumers. Once you have planned every aspect of your sales strategy, you can then put it into action and start to see the results of the hard work that you've put in so far.

sales training basics build relationships

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about how you can grow sales in your business, feel free to get in touch. I've spent years working with business owners from many different industries helping them grow their sales and grow as individuals. No matter the size of your business or what industry you're in. I'm confident together I can help you grow your sales and turn you into a top salesperson that represents your business in the right way.

Once you learn how to convert more sales from your conversations, your confidence will grow and so will your belief in your business.

More revenue means you can invest into other areas of your business such as outsourcing tasks you don't want to do or creating new products.

The Love Sales, Hate Selling Academy

You need leads to generate sales. Without sales you have no business. It's time for you to get better at both of these business activities.

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    1. Thank you. Sales are vital for every business to have any chance of survival, it’s just a shame that so many overlook improving their skills so they can get better at it.

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