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May 24, 2019

How to use canva in 5 minutes or less

What is Canva?

If you’ve found yourself struggling to get to grips with the more complex graphic design software, Canva is the perfect solution for you.

It has been designed with two main points in mind, to be user-friendly but also functional at the same time.

You can create many different types of content through the site and it’s free to sign up to.

Just some of the content you can create includes

Facebook profile/cover photos

Instagram & Pinterest posts

Twitter posts

Presentations which you can download as PDF's

Planners, in fact you can do a lot on Canva.

canva design love sales hate selling (1)

The dimensions of content are already set up so that all you need to do is create your content and upload it to your chosen social network without the hassle of resizing.

Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to quickly

Pick up Canva in under 5 minutes

Once you have your blank template over, rather than having to drag and drop a text box in each time, press the letter ‘t’ on your keyboard and this will bring up a text box ready to type in.

canva text box example

If you have a picture next to your text and you want to move the pair of them together at the same time, simply hold down your ‘shift’ button whilst selecting both the picture and the text, next, just drag them to their preferred space.

Sometimes with canva, if you’re trying to align a picture perfectly in the middle but it’s always going too far one way or another with the mouse, use either just the arrow key to move it a pixel or hold both the shift and the arrow key for a 10-pixel jump.

To save yourself time, have a look at some of the frames Canva has free for you to choose from. You also have the ability to add your own text and images onto these frames.

canva frames

Keep your content nice and simple, sometimes it can get confusing if you have too much text or pictures to style it all right, so only include the necessary information.

Align your text, especially if you’re creating an advert. Canva gives you the option to align right, left or centre depending on which suits your design more.

If you’ve been designing a template, you can save it and copy it to other blank designs to save you going over the whole process again.

As well as having built-in templates, Canva also has a wide range of visual content free for you to use in your design.

canva templates

Canva in essence allows those without any comprehensive or in-depth knowledge of graphic design to bring to life their visions and ideas, and due to the clever simplistic design of the website, this couldn’t be simpler.

The designers of the website really have put the users first and you can certainly see the benefits of this.

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