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February 3, 2020

Engaging with Google to improve your search traffic

Start Engaging With Google

The first step in getting your business online is to set yourself up a website. And once that is done, you’re over the first hurdle, well done.

 However, it’s pointless having a website if nobody is going to visit it.

 Now, there are different ways to get traffic to your website, through word of mouth or social media, however, one of the most powerful ways is through search engines.

The biggest of which being Google, which receives a staggering 63,000 searches PER SECOND.

Which over the year amounts to 2 trillion searches. That’s why (if you haven’t already) you should start engaging with Google so that people using the search engine will stumble across your website, which will result in increased traffic and sales, pushing your small business to the next level.

google search bar

What You Can Do To Start Engaging With Google

The first step to engaging with Google is getting Google to recognise your website and to become aware of this. And to do this you’re going to want to upload your sitemap to Google Search Console.

What this does is explain to Google exactly how your website is structured, once uploaded, it will take a few days for Google to crawl through your website, feeding back any errors that it picks up on during the process.

Do This Next

Next, now that you’re drawing traffic to your website, you’re going to want to know where this traffic is coming from, during what time of the day they’re visiting, and more importantly, what pages they’re visiting and how long they’re staying there.

Google Analytics provides you with all of these valuable insights however you’re going to need to ensure that you have your search console set up fully so that the two can communicate with one another.

Now, there are two main ways of getting yourself noticed on the actual search engine.

The first is through what is called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

This covers a whole array of ways to work your way up the rankings of Google organically. Typically this involves keyword research and content creation.

The next way in which you can increase your visibility is through paid results and that is where Google Ads comes in. 

Google Ads or PPC allows for your results to be placed right at the top of the page above all the other results.

You’ll pay for each click you get through to the website.

I recently did a post about How Pay Per Click Campaigns Can Drive Traffic To Your Website you can read more here

It can sometimes cost you more depending on what time of day it is, for example during Midday more people will be on their lunch and therefore more searches are going to be made.

All in all, Google is one of the most powerful resources for any business out there.

Utilized in the right way it can take your business to the next level and help you market your small business more effectiviely.

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