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March 22, 2021

How To Create Social Media Posts That Get Noticed

Why you should create social media posts that get seen.

Many small business owners who do their own marketing struggle to get their content seen on social media.

It is a question that I am asked time and time again by many small business owners and if you throw into that mix, their uncertainty surrounding marketing their business online.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of biz owners who are sick to the back teeth trying to figure out how to make their social media marketing work. 

So how do you create social media posts that gets seen but more importantly acted on by other people?

Do you remember being young and going to the fair?

Which of the rides stood out the most for you?

For me it was always the big wheel, because it was just.. well it was big.

And the Waltzers because that is where all the pretty young lasses would hang out with the cool kids, which was not me by the way.

So why did both of these rides stand out for me?

Well one of them was big!

And the other had good music,  plus you could always hear the ride operator anywhere that you were in the fair

“scream if you wanna go faster”

Followed by shrieks of delight from boys and girls alike.

Anyway back to my point.

The reason both of these fairground rides got my attention is that they stood out

One was big

One was loud

Now I am not telling you to go off and be big and loud with your social media

But what you need to do with your social media content is make it stand out.

So how do you make your social media content stand out?

Well first of all it depends what platform you are on.

Most social media platforms let you post text content, but there are limitations on the number of characters you can use.

Example LinkedIn is 1300 characters Facebook is 63,206 characters.

Then if you throw Instagram and Pinterest into the mix.

Words aren’t gonna work so well as it is all about visual appearance

So whatever platform you’re going to focus on.

Make sure you do some research first.

So let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do for research to help get your posts seen

You shouldn’t just research your competition

Make sure that you also look at other social media accounts that you follow or interact with.

  • Which of their posts are getting the most interactions, shares, engagements and likes?
  • What makes that post different from the other posts with less engagement?
  • Is it long or short content, with or without an image?
  • Does the content make you smile? Or is it something serious?
  • Or is it a question?
  • Is the page updated with different types of content?
  • Does it have video content?

If you add videos into your social media strategy you could get the same return.

Video is proven to be very effective in increasing engagement on social media posts.

video social media posts

So what do you do if you don’t like doing video posts?

Don’t do it, find another way of getting your message online.

Use canva to create social media posts.

Be creative with your designs, use canva's fantastic templates for inspiration.

If you have a logo and brand colours incorporate it into your posts

If you have blog posts, break that content down into shorter quotes or paragraphs.

Or turn it into an image and share it online

The main thing is if you want to get attention to your social media posts. Then you have to mix things up and be consistent.

Doing this research will allow you to paint a picture in your mind of what could be effective for you.

You see the answers are all around you, you just need to know where to look.

Here are some other ideas which will help you get more of your social media posts seen by others 

  • Start sharing content from others?

Certain posts get a lot of attention

Funny posts, inspirational quotes, dramatic images.

If you want to get some attention on your page sharing this easy content is a great way to do that

Sharing easy content is a great way to get noticed and seen.

  • Try using images in your social media

Where possible use images on your social media posts.

There is a saying "A picture speaks a thousand words".

It is much more than a saying, as it is very true.

If you speak to any social media marketing company they will confirm that a post with an image will always perform better than words alone.

social media image post
  • Ask questions

Social media is not a one-way conversation.

To create a conversation, you have to ask a question, like in the real world, it does not change because it is online.

Ask your audience questions.

Nothing too complicated, something to get your audience interested in answering.

  • Give them a reason to follow

The key to getting your social media posts noticed is to make sure that more people see them.

So you also need to be growing your followers.

Platforms like Facebook are restricting organic reach. So it is important that you give people a reason to follow you.

  • Use good headlines to get the attention of your audience.

Put some effort into your post introduction or headline.

You need to make sure that the first part of your post is interesting enough for someone to want to read more of it.

Present a problem with the promise of the solution if the reader takes action.

This could be clicking more to read the rest of the post or clicking on a link to go to your sales page.

So there you have it, several things that you can do to get your social media posts noticed.

If you can think of some other things that you can do to get your posts seen on social media,  then please put them in the comments to help others.

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