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April 3, 2022

How to build brand awareness

Although brand awareness may seem vague, it is a very important concept. Building brand awareness is a great way to measure success for marketers and business owners who love neat numbers.

It doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be determined, but it does have value. It is vital for both business success and marketing goals. 

brand awareness

What is the importance of brand awareness?

Trust is built through brand awareness

Brand trust is essential in a world where consumers depend on the opinions of others and extensive research before purchasing. When a consumer is loyal to your brand, they are more likely to buy again without much thought.

Brand trust is built through brand awareness. Consumers will be more comfortable trusting brands that have a face. Your brand's awareness gives it a personality. It allows you to express yourself, get feedback, and tell your story. These are all ways we humans build trust with each other. This is the same for brand/human relationships.

Association is created by brand awareness. And association with your brand is what builds both a community and loyalty. 

Brand recognition

These are some of the benefits that positive brand equity can bring to your business:

Brand name value has a greater social impact on your audience and the general public. 

How can a brand build (and increase) brand equity?

Building brand awareness and promoting positive experiences with the company. Brand equity is built on brand awareness.

Once they are familiar with a brand, they begin to recognize it and seek it out to purchase. They also start to like it more than other brands and develop loyalty that encourages other purchases and inspires friends and family to recommend it.

This is why brand awareness matters so much. It builds trust with customers, establishes positive associations and creates invaluable brand equity that will allow your brand to become a household brand and a consumer name.

Top tips to building your brand 

Awareness of a brand is the awareness of a thing. What is your thing?

The first step in building a brand identity for your company is to identify a trait or traits that set you apart from your competitors -- your USP. Study your competitors.

  • What do they use to define their brands?
  • How do they define their brands?
  • You should look for traits that you can call yours.

Potential customers have few opportunities to interact with you. People won't understand your brand if your strategy for branding is different across channels.

Consistent messaging is key to brand awareness. To craft a consistent message, you need to keep your channels in sync. This includes your website but also Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Your brand awareness may be limited by the bios that you create for your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Your brand strategy will shine through in the limited space available. An "Our Story" page is a great way to expand your brand strategy. This page should be called "About", "About Us", or something similar.

Also, a final way to raise your brand awareness that we're going to mention today is influencer marketing. If you've not heard of influencer marketing, it revolves around getting an influencer (someone who has a high profile on social media) to promote your product, brand and spread your message for you. Utilising their prevalence and prolificity to make their audience aware of your brand. 

brand identity

In summary

There are plenty of ways to grow your brand through brand awareness campaigns as we have discovered today. You do need to put a lot of thought though into your particular campaign. A certain strategy to grow a brand may work for certain businesses but not for others.

If you want to know more about what strategies may be best suited to your business, feel free to have a chat with me. Over the years, I've worked with businesses owners of all sizes and from a diverse range of industries, helping them try to understand where they can start to grow and expand their business. 

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