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April 10, 2022

How To Sell Without Selling

Today we are going to take a look at how you can sell without selling. What we mean by this is avoiding diving in headfirst trying to secure the sale and putting that as your number one priority.

Of course, it is important to focus on the sale. After all, if you're talking to a client, that's the main reason the two of you have met. However, it can sometimes be offputting to go straight into selling.

It can put them off, as they will sometimes fall under the pretence that you're wholly focused on taking their money rather than providing a solution to a problem for them. But there are ways to sell with both integrity and elegance that allow you to build rapport with the person you're trying to sell to, whilst, at the same time, increasing your chances of securing the sale.

So, without further ado, let's see how you can start selling without selling.

sell without selling

Focus on the magical word, value.

We mentioned previously about not focusing on the financial benefits of the sale but rather the benefits that your client stands to reap. And so what you're going to want to demonstrate to them is VALUE.

Focus on the value for money they are going to get from purchasing your product and service. Focus on the value in terms of a problem that your product is going to solve for the end-user.

As soon as you start demonstrating these very important points, they will then start to steer away from their preconception that you were only 'after their money.

Don't let your ego get inflated when selling.

Confidence is important when it comes to selling, but you don't want to be overconfident. It's important of course to demonstrate and get across your competency in your chosen craft.

But, at the same time, you don't want to come across as if you're gloating. The last thing someone wants to do is hire someone who thinks they know it all.

They want someone good at their chosen craft, but someone who, at the same time, is humble.

building trust

Put your client before the sale.

At first, this may seem rather counter-intuitive, however, it is not. People have been and always will get tired of pushy salespeople.

As we've mentioned, diving in headfirst focusing just on the sale and is one of the quickest ways of losing a sale. In the modern business climate, there are plenty of other places for them to go to, albeit to other physical premises or online.

And so they aren't forced into buying from you. And so it's even more important that you don't put them off the sale.

 Focus on the problems they are currently experiencing and how your product can help solve these problems for them. It's only then that they will start to want to secure the sale.

Listen to the client.

You must listen to what the customer is saying. If they have certain opinions on your product and how it can be improved, take it constructively.

It's important in sales to learn how to handle objections which is what we have covered in a different blog 6 sales objections you will have to overcome if your a newbie. And so when they are making comments ensure that you are taking these on board.

Making relevant changes following feedback from your customer base is how you can start to change your product or service to be more appealing to them.

sell without being salesy

Selling yourself.

When someone is looking to spend their money, they need to have their trust in two main areas. The first is the product. And the next is yourself.

They want to be assured that the person looking to sell them the product knows exactly what they're talking about. And so without inflating your ego, you're going to want to come across as confident and know exactly what you're talking about so that they have the reassurance that their money is in safe hands and they're not being 'taken for a ride'

In summary

Today we have looked at a few different ways in which you can sell without selling. It doesn't always have to be about going straight in for the sale.

It's not all about gaining money from the sale. Instead, it's about the journey and building rapport with your client along the way.

If you want to know how to improve your selling strategy to grow your business and also your sales, why not have a chat with me. I have helped businesses across the country grow by learning how to sell.

It's vital to know how to sell in business and it's easy to learn how to sell. And I can help you understand how to improve your selling strategy and how to grow your business and your sales and confidently sell without selling.

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