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March 15, 2021

How to be more effective with your online marketing.

How to be more effective with your online marketing.

You first need to decide how you measure effective.

Is effective for you?

More website visitors?

Higher opt-in’s on your email list?

More sales?

Here lies problem no 1, because I reckon you are not measuring the return from your marketing efforts.

And therein lies problem no 2

If you don’t know what’s working for you at the moment

How are you going to know what works for you in the future?

See below for three tips that will help you become more effective at marketing your business online.

effective marketing analyse numbers
  • No 1 – Set up a system where you can track your numbers to see what is giving you the best return.

If you teach a man to fish, he will feed himself forever.

But if that same man pays somebody else to catch the fish for him

Well, that is even better.

The man could request whatever fish he craved.

Seabass, instead of pike.

6 pounds in weight instead of a sprat.

A business owner who understands how to market their business is a very happy business owner

They also have the confidence to pass their marketing off to somebody else if they choose to.

Because they have the belief that this whole online marketing malarkey actually works.

effective marketing social funnel
  • No 2 – Choose one platform and stick to it for 90 days.

How many times have you turned up to a business that is closed?

Do you bang down the door demanding that they let you in?

Or do you turn around and go home?

So imagine what happens when someone comes across you online?

You may have commented on a post on social media.

They like the sound of your chatter and decide they want to know more.

They click your profile pic to find out more about you ….

Then they hit a dead end because you haven’t bothered to

Add a link to your offer page from your social media profile.

Or used the wrong link, because you set the page up ages ago and haven’t tested it

Have no information about what you do on your bio.

This is your own personal advertising billboard!

So what happens, they turn around and go and find somebody else more interesting instead.

to help with consistency, Create content in advance and use a scheduling tool to plan ahead

effective marketing qualifying headline
  • No 3 – Utilise a client qualifying headline in your cover image

Your cover image can be whatever you want it to be.

Remember it is a billboard,

Space for you to promote your latest offer. book launch, or giveaway

So make sure that visitors who land on your page go through a qualifying process.

If your message resonates with them, they may just take the next step in your funnel and click that link.

To sum it all up you can be more effective with your online marketing by

  • Measuring your return from your efforts
  • Showing up consistently every week (notice I did not say day)
  • Have a call to action which goes to your online asset(s)

There are lots of  other methods you can use to market your business more effectively.

I discuss this and more in the Love Sales, Hate Selling Crash Course, take a peek below if you are looking to get a better return from your marketing.

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