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March 7, 2021

How to market your business online without being annoying

Hey you,

I was speaking to a small business owner recently

and they wanted to know how they could market their small business online?

Without coming across as annoying?

It got me reflecting on whether I annoy people with my marketing

I quickly came to the conclusion and had a word with myself

Because I know that I'm not annoying anyone, and if I was, they could easily unfollow me.

So how do you market yourself online without coming across as annoying?

How do you make sure that your business message is been seen by potential customers?

Without you feeling like your getting on people's nerves?

Carry on reading to find out how you can get rid of this feeling.

fresh posts are not annoying
  • Make sure you are posting something fresh. 

There's nothing wrong with marketing your latest product or service.

But don’t post the same old image and message over and over again.

Put some effort into making sure that your post is different every time.

You can say the same thing in a multitude of ways and keep it interesting by just

  • Changing the words in the content,
  • Changing the image
  • Turning the post into a video.
  • Remember variety is the spice of life
annoying lazy share
  • Don't do a lazy share! - This is really annoying. 

Do you know what a lazy share is?

It is when someone shares a post and does not provide any context.

This means the person who sees the post has no idea what is going to happen when they click the link.

So they more than likely won't click it!

If you wanna share something, explain what it is and why others should take an interest.

annoying sell sell sell posts
  • Don't sell, sell, sell in your social media posts.

Educate, entertain and inform your audience.

If you watched a film, which was an exact copy of another film, would you watch or listen to it over and over again.?

You wouldn't, you would turn over, turn off, or tune out.

Mix up your content with video, text posts, images.

This will allow you to get your business message across in a multitude of different ways.

If you are stuck for content ideas you could

There are lots of ways to keep your marketing fresh

So mix up your presentation when you show up online and I guarantee, you won't be annoying anybody.

So there you go three tips to market your business without coming across as annoying.

If you need any help with marketing your small business then the good news is,

The Love Sales, Hate Selling Crash Course

Teaches you how to market your business without being annoying.

Once you have the BPARTS process in place, your marketing will feel likes it's running on autopilot.

You'll have no time to feel annoying:-)

You’ll be too busy responding to the engagement

Take a look below for more information

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