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June 7, 2022

How to reach your target audience effectively

Target Your Audience Effectively

Today we are going to look at how you can begin to reach your target audience more effectively. One of the most difficult things to master when it comes to growing your online presence is how to reach your target audience.

Over 5 billion people use the internet worldwide and here alone in the UK, around 92-94% of our population use the internet. Combine this with the unimaginable scale of content being uploaded to the internet each day, and websites being created, and you begin to discover just how big the internet is.

And then you need to look at the industry that you're in. Find out who your target audience is and how big they are. And then the challenge becomes apparent of how to reach this niche target from the millions and billions of users of the internet?

Well, it all comes down to targeting. Make sure that you know how to target your audience effectively and specifically. Whether it be through social media, adverts, or search engines. 

target your audience effectively

Define who your target audience is

As we have touched upon already, it's imperative right from the start to do your research and find out who your target audience is. Do some market research and online research to find out what commonalities your target audience share.

It's then once you begin to build a profile of what a typical member of your target audience looks like you can then start to tailor both your content and your campaigns. It may also be worth doing some competitor research to see what types of audiences your competitors target and what tones their content carries.

Utilise influencers within your industry

In near enough every industry, there are now what are called 'influencers'. People or groups with considerable followings are social media influencers who are making their living through advertising on behalf of brands and businesses.

So how can this help you target your audience?

If you have an influencer that is already in your industry, they will already have a social following with an active interest in your industry, meaning that you have a whole targeted audience there at your disposal straight away.

Use referral marketing to target your audience effectively

If you don't have a referral scheme in place already as part of your marketing plan it may certainly be worth giving some consideration.

It involves incentivizing people to refer people to your products and services means that any leads you are getting through from these referrals, you know they are aware of what your brand entails and what your products can offer saving you a lot of the leg-work.

Find out what social media channels your audience use

There are many different social networks and it's very rare that you will find that your target audience uses all of them. For example, those who specialise in hospitality may find they use; Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Whereas if you're a B2B company, you may instead opt for; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It may save you time to find out which social media channel you should be focusing your efforts on. This also means you can then tailor your content to fit these particular social networks. 

Utilise your analytics

Implementing Google Analytics on your website can help you understand where your traffic is coming from. It can help you see what referral schemes are driving the most traffic. 

Alongside which social networks are also contributing the most traffic. This can then help you to understand the digital demographic of your target audience. Which can help with a few of the above points that we have discussed today. 

Once you know your target audience

Ensure that your marketing plan both offline and online is solely revolved around your target audience. At each stage, take a second and think if the strategy you're going with is going to appeal to a member of your target audience.

Put yourself in their shoes and think would you find this particular piece of content interesting and engaging or would a particular advert drive you to your website?

It will take effort to understand who your audience is but you will reap the rewards when it comes to trying to grow your reach and bringing leads into the business. 

In summary

If you can reach your target audience effectively online, you exponentially increase your chances of growing your sales within your business.

It also means that you avoid any chance of losing money spent on advertising and marketing. That could be reaching people who simply may not be your target market.

Read this article to further discover how to maximise your online reach.

If you want to know more about how to grow your reach, and sales and how to drive more traffic to your website. Let's have a chat to see how I can help your business grow and expand your brand online. 

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