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How To Use Calendly For Your Business

calendly for business

Use Calendly to get organised

Using Calendly for your business can really make an impact. One of the key skills you need as a business owner or entrepreneur is organisation. Both you and your business needs to be organised, and this applies to every single area of your business. From the supply chain to follow-ups on leads, to meeting with clients. It’s critical that each of these areas of your business is organised so that your days can be streamlined and you can make the most out of your time.

And one of the things you’re going to want to avoid doing is double-booking yourself when it comes to meeting clients/customers or even booking them in for an appointment when you’re not free to see them. Not only does that frustrate the client and waste both their time and your time, but it can also potentially lose you the deal. However, not to worry there are plenty of tools out there that allow you to manage your appointments and view your availability.

The tool we’re going to look at is a nifty piece of software called Calendly that automates your schedule and means you can avoid the dreaded double booking. Today we’re going to run through how you can get Calendly set up so you can get organised today.

Getting yourself signed up To Calendly 

First and foremost, you’re going to want to head over to their website by clicking here.

Next, once you’ve landed on the website, it’s important that you set yourself an account up before so click the signup button in the top right-hand corner:-

calendly sign up

Now, on the next screen, firstly it’s going to need your email address. Go ahead and type this in and click ‘Get Started’. 

calendly get started
On the next page, if you’ve used a email address, it will advise you that you’ve chosen the easiest way to register and will have a few boxes for you to tick agreeing to the terms and conditions before signing up with Google if you’ve not got a Google email address don’t worry you can select the option of creating an account with a password by clicking ‘Click Here’ at the bottom:-

sign up with google

Now that your Calendly account is all set up, you can set a URL so that if you want to save time and go directly to your dashboard you just type that address in, although you can always set this up later:-

Next up, we’re going to want to set the hours that you’re typically at your desk and ready to accept any meeting requests, typically for most of us this will be the standard 9-5 pm office hours however some of you out there may work outside these hours on certain days and so that can be set:-

calendly availability

Welcome to your Calendly dashboard

Now that’s you all signed up, now welcome to your dashboard:-

calendly dashboard

Now, before we move on, if you need to add any other users in your organisation to this dashboard you can do so by clicking the down arrow next to ‘My Calendly’ and clicking ‘add more users. You’ll then see the below screen which will first ask you to enter the email addresses of these users firstly and then what type of events they’ll typically be attending. For example, if it was a 60-minute weekly catch up this would be where you would select this.

What are event types?

Now, on the next screen, it’s going to ask you whether the event you’re setting up is a one-to-one such as an interview or one-to-one catch-up or whether it’s a group event such as a team handover or a workshop that you might be presenting. For this example scenario, we’re going to imagine it’s a one-on-one interview for a job you’re advertising for. And so click on ‘Create’ and you’ll be taken to a page where it is going to ask you for a few different details:-

Event Name: for ease of reference you might want to include the job reference, the date/time of the meeting and the name of the candidate here.

Location: What office are you meeting the candidate in? If you are conducting the interview remotely this can also be an option.

Description: This will be a breakdown of what the interview is going to be about and will also be visible to other users of your dashboard and also the candidate.

Event link: This will follow the URL of your dashboard so that you can go directly to the event. For example, mine could be

On the next page, it will ask you to specify how long the meeting is to last for and on what day. Once the event has been created the magic of calendly means that if you go to book another event in for at this same moment in time this just won’t be possible meaning that you can avoid double bookings.

Leading up to the Calendly meeting

So that neither you nor any of the other participants to the meeting forgot about the appointment, as the person who has created the event, you can remind them via email ahead of time. You can choose how many times they are reminded and at what times they are reminded. Reminders can be sent either by text and/or by email.

Another nifty feature is that following the interview you can follow up with the candidate/client in order to gather their thoughts on how it all went.

That’s it, you’ve created your first event and this will show in your calendar.

Calendly is fantastic online diary software and to top it all off it integrates seamlessly with a variety of other online software which can save you and your business time see below for some of the software that works with it. 

calendly integrations

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