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February 20, 2022

Offering Too Many Services, Its Time To Reduce The Overwhelm

Why Offering Too Many Services Is Hurting Your Head And Your Business

How many services do you offer for your business?

When you offer too many services for your business it can be really difficult to make your business grow.

I was speaking to a client recently who offers 9 support services to small businesses looking to grow and develop.

You know the kind of thing, hr, payroll, bookkeeping.

As she explained the challenges in her business.

It was clear to me that she was struggling to get her message across to her audience of how her support services could help them.

Which resulted in

  • The business owners she spoke to being confused with her message.
  • Frustration for her as nothing was working and her incoming enquiries were flat
  • Her marketing feeling like a  lead weight around her neck.
offering soo many services

So what did I suggest to help her reduce the number of services she was offering?

Well, it was clear to me that some of her services complemented each other.

So rather than promote them and speak about them individually.

I suggested that she package them up as her main offer and create a landing page to start generating leads.

The landing page would focus on the savings that a small business could make by having her packaged service.

Another thing I suggested was.

Contacting her existing customers who were currently using one of her services.

Using a communication strategy, she could educate them on the extra support services that she offered.

It turns out that she had never even considered speaking to her existing customers.

Why aren't business owners emailing and communicating with their existing customers??

There was a lot more that we went through but it was clear to me what she needed to do. 

offering too many services

So why is it important for you to reduce the number of services that you are offering?

  • It will make your marketing easier, you already know who your ideal client is so your communication can be specific and suited to them
  • You'll save time as you won't have to market several services at the same time.
  • You will become known for that main offer which means you can become the go to expert for it.
So what should you do, if you find yourself offering too many services?
  1. Decide on your main offer, things to consider would be.price, speed of delivery of service, sales cycle.
  2. Create an online asset to support it. preferably a page on your website or a landing page.
  3. Create your marketing messages around your main offer.
  4.  Set up tracking using google analytics or bitly, so you can measure your results.
  5.  If you are technically minded, create a lead magnet with an opt-in box so you can collect leads.
  6. Once you start building a list of potential leads. You can educate them further until they are ready to make a commitment.
  7. Promote your offer and make it easy for people to find.

So as you can see, it makes sense to reduce the number of services that you are offering.

Not just to save you time but also keep overwhelm and marketing frustration at bay.

If you need help with reducing the number of services that you offer feel free to reach out.

I'd be more than happy to help you get some clarity and focus on the services you should be offering for your business.

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