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May 24, 2019

Communicate with prospects more effectively

“Communication let me down and I’m left here”

Do you remember this old song from Spandau Ballet from the 1980s

It fits with sales growth tip no 1 in my free report. - 10 Tips To Grow Sales For Your Business

How are you communicating with your prospects?

Communicating with prospects is one of the hardest things to get right and do on a consistent basis.

It is the 21st century and there are so many ways that you can communicate with prospects.


FB Messenger

Wats App

And so on and so forth

But wouldn't it be better if they could find you when they want you.

And once they found you

You could then communicate with them when you want to.

Yes, I am talking about creating an email list, so you can communicate with your prospects more frequently.

Once I learnt how to communicate with my prospects.

I was able to get 1689 email subscribers in 5 short months.

So how can you communicate with your prospects more effectively?

communicate with your prospects

Right now social media is still the number 1 way to get yourself noticed.

Posting and commenting regularly in groups and on other posts.

Doing videos, promoting good causes, helping others with their knowledge.

These are all excellent ways to drive more eyeballs to your online assets.

But only if you keep an eye on what is working.

But therein lies the problem

When people find you or your business on social media there is nothing for them to do.

You aren’t providing them with one message or a clear call to action

And worst of all you are not aware of it.

Try communicating with prospects using an OMOA social media funnel.

Sales funnels are for tech-heads.

Every man and his dog is talking about sales funnels

What most people do not realise is that a sales funnel doesn’t have to just be a landing page.

You can use all your online assets to funnel prospects towards your end location.

This is where most small business owners go wrong.

They have social media accounts with incomplete profiles

No photo’s

No branding

No targeted message…………

If you are lucky a prospect may find your social media profile and click-thru to your website.

But spoiler alert when they get to your website there is no clear call to action for what you want them to do.

What is it with websites which have 17 different things to do on the home page?

You know what I mean, take a look at your website then come back and tell me I’m wrong.

Sorry to be brutal.

The best websites have a

  • Strong headline
  • A clear call to action
  • An offer and an opt-in box to collect subscribers.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Have all your boring content below the fold

So what is the solution…….

An OMOA social media funnel can communicate with and grow your prospect list.

communicate with your prospects

Yes, you heard me.

I did this and the results were astounding, I managed to go from 0 to 1689 subscribers in less than 5 months.

The worst thing is, I didn’t realise until 5 months in that one of my opt-in forms was blowing up like crazy.

I found out when I logged into my mailing account and almost fell off my chair.

You see, I set up my first social media funnel back in December.

Did a little bit of promotion and then went back to my mundane life.

It was only when I logged in that week in May, that I noticed the numbers in my account and it turned my world upside down.

You see the reason I did not realise what was happening,  was I missed an incey wincey tiny piece of code off my website.

So I was not being notified that I was acquiring prospects like bees collecting honey.

I have fixed it now though

Anyway, I know this stuff works.

So how did I do it?

Let me walk you through the process.

I call this method, “One Message, One Action

Think about that for a moment.

What does it mean to you?

Well for me it means, I want to create a message to my ideal client and I want them to take an action based on what I say.

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Try this social media OMOA funnel to communicate with your prospects

So here goes

First I want you to create your one message.

You are going to take this message and use it across all your profiles on your social media platforms.

So for example, you may be a life coach.

Who specialises in working with young mothers who are struggling to get back into work.

Your profile could read

“Helping young mothers regain the confidence to enter the world of work."

Or if you’re a builder it might be

“Creating your dream extension that will make your neighbours jealous”


Communicating and attracting more prospects with a free report

The next thing you can do. is create, change, beg, borrow or steal (only joking), something that you can use as a giveaway.

So for example, the life coach example above, could great a 10 point checklist,

of things that they should think about before returning to work.

Or the builder could be offering information for homeowners.

About the latest planning laws and 5 tips to get around them.

It does not have to be a Shakespearian epic novel, just something that goes well with your headline.

For example

“10 Tips To Grow Sales For Your Business”

“Sales Objection Handling”

Use Canva to create posts that communicate your message to prospects

Jump onto Canva and if you have not got a logo, create one today.

While you are at it, create a cover banner with a strong message to use on all your social media profiles.

You will have to play around with the sizes to get it just right.

Canva is such a powerful tool, I don’t understand why more people do not use it.

Yes, there is far more powerful graphics software that you could use.

But Canva offers up so much versatility.

Creating a logo is easy, it does not have to be perfect, you can even use a template and change it yourself.

Take a look here to learn how to use canva in 5 minutes

Next, go to all your social media accounts and change the profile bio’s.

You want them all to have your one message that you created earlier.

It must have a clear call to action,  I suggest a link to your website and or landing page.

Finally, I want you to schedule some posts.

Using your favourite social media scheduling platform

Don’t worry there are a lot of free ones about take a look here — social media scheduling software you can use foryour business

Whichever platform you are sending people to.

It is important that you are able to track the stats, you need to be able to see how effective your OMOA funnel is.

I use google analytics and Bitly.

How to set up bitly to track your communication with prospects

Goto bitly.com


Add a url

Bingo you have a tracking link that you can use in your profile, or online promotional activities

I repeat if you are sending people to your website.

It is important that you have analytics setup, you need to know what is going on.

It is very important that you are able to track the activity that will occur after you implement the above.

If you have started implementing this over a couple of days.

You should notice that your online activity has shot up.

Whenever you make a change to your profile, people notice so it creates a little spike in activity to your end goal.

If you have a website, I need you to change it.

I want you to change the homepage to reflect your one message.

You need a strong headline.

With a clear call to action.

Finally, I want you to add an opt-in box so you can start to collect subscribers.

Now I know for many of you, this may cause a problem as you may not have any idea about coding.

But you can register with one of the many email marketing companies out there.

Sign Up

Create a form

Once you have created a form, you will get some code that you can insert onto your website.

Once you have inserted this code on your website then your opt-in form should appear.

If you can’t do it, ask your web designer how to do it.

Once this is done you are in business.

All you have to do now is increase your social media activity,  and then you will start to see some truly outstanding results.

By collecting subscribers you have solved the problem of communicating with your prospects.

You can now communicate with your prospects whenever you want.

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