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February 15, 2021

Omnipresence and how it can benefit your business

What is omnipresence?

You may have heard of the age-old adage “its impossible to be everywhere at the same time”. However, when it comes to marketing you want to be everywhere you possibly can as much as you can. The strategy behind this is commonly referred to as ‘omnipresent’.

Having your brand and your business present on as many channels and mediums as possible. Many household brands have mastered this strategy. Take, for example, the soft drink giant. How far away are you from either a can of coca-cola or the nearest shop that sells it? Chances are that nearly every single shop in your vicinity.

Meaning that they are everywhere they can be at the same time, and let's not forget they also have mobile apps which means they can market themselves to their customers 24/7 through mobile phones.

Today we take a look at how integrating omnipresence into your business can help increase your leads and grow your brand.

Why is omnipresence vital for marketing

When it comes to marketing presence is everything. Having your brand, products and services out there for everyone to see. And with the multitude of different social media and communication platforms when a lot of businesses think of omnipresent marketing they rush out to get themselves on every single social media platform possible.

However as well and good as it is to have your presence on multiple communication platforms there is a lot much to having a reliable and robust omnipresent marketing strategy. 

integrating omnipresence into your business can help increase your leads

One way to further strengthen your omnipresence is through content. It’s almost pointless having a social media profile for your business set up across several networks if they’re just sitting there, essentially gathering dust.

Instead, you want to start distributing gold dust of your own in the form of content that not only lets people know about your brand, products/service and promotions but also encourages engagement. Building your social network presence into a community.

Being present on more social media platforms is beneficial however overall in your strategy more isn’t always better. What we mean by this is that you don’t want to send out non-relevant, boring and reused content just to tick a box for having sent out content that day.

Rather you want to take the time to ensure that content that is being sent out across these platforms is relevant to your audience. You want them to engage with this content and for it to be something that they take the time to read. 

Expand your omnipresence

  • The first step is to get your business profiles set up across all the social networks you can. Some may be relevant to your business and its industry and some might not. For example, you have the ‘core’ or ‘main’ social networks that all businesses use such as Facebook and Twitter. Whereas if you sell products or you’re in the area of graphic design other networks such as Instagram and Pinterest may complement your niche more. And if you specialise in service industry LinkedIn may be better for you.

  • You then want to plan what the consistent message is that you’re going to want to be constantly delivering across your platforms consistently in tandem
  • Once you’ve done this you can then start to plan what content should be delivered and when. It can also allow you to monitor the success of these posts through two main metrics. The reach that it accomplishes and also the level of engagement that each of these posts has amongst your users. 

The strategy behind achieving omnipresence in your business can differ from that of another company. However, the strategy seems to be utilised the most within retail businesses that are offering products and services.

Your strategy doesn’t always have to start online. If you have physical premises and an online store you can always utilise the footfall and customers you have instore.  This can help to try and start to boost your presence online.

Want to know how to increase your presence and sales?

Growing your brand is one of the most difficult but rewarding tasks you’ll experience as a business owner. With the journey being totally different for every business owner. If you want to know more about how you can start growing and utilising your marketing strategy to achieve this why not get in touch and we can see how omnipresence can help your business.

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