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December 6, 2021

Is Small Business Marketing Boring

Is Small Business Marketing Boring?

Small business marketing is often boring. It is sometimes overlooked and may even be the last thing small business owners think of when it comes to marketing their company.The truth is that small businesses are not always the best at doing marketing. That’s why they need to find out what will work for them and branch out into new techniques that larger corporations don’t have the luxury of doing.


do you find Marketing boring?

Or are you excited when it comes to marketing your small business online?

I come across many small business owners who find marketing boring as they just don’t get it.

A lot of them feel like their marketing is not working and they are just on a treadmill of doing whatever springs to mind when it comes to marketing their business online.

One of the big issues for them is creating the right social media content and messages for their audience.

It  is something they are just not comfortable with

They tell me they don’t know where to start when it comes to creating messages for their audience.

Yes it is true many of them are doing their best, posting here and there on social media but a lot of the time it is a last minute thing.

At best they put together a scrambled last minute message aimed at

Everybody and hope that

Somebody is interested but often

Nobody gets in touch

When I ask them, “Well why don’t you invest in some training and learn how to market your business online?”

The usual response is, “I’m too busy right now” or some other excuse they put in the way to help convince themselves that putting off self-development is a good thing.

Boring marketing your business

So do you find marketing your business boring?

I suppose it could be, I mean who wants to sit at their desk all week doing the same tasks over and over again?

Running your business is more interesting than that surely?

But the problem is, if you’re a small business owner and you don’t market your business regularly and consistently online, you will struggle to grow.

And you need to find and use the tools  to help you make the whole thing easier and less boring for you.

Think of your marketing strategy as being like a jigsaw, the great thing about this particular jigsaw is that you can decide how many pieces to have and what it will look like..

Because there is no one way to market your business, you can define what you’re marketing approach needs to be to fit in with your life.

marketing can be boring

Let’s Look At What You Can Do To Make Your Marketing Less Boring For You

Well the first thing you need to do is start with an end goal.

What is it that you want people to do when they come across your message?

  • Visit your website or landing page?
  • Comment or share a post?
  • Watch a video?

The choice is yours as it is your business but you need to be clear on what you want to achieve.

You need to use approachable language which the prospect will understand, no buzz words or acronyms. Confused minds don't take action.

If you need some help to figure this step out.

Imagine you are the person reading your message.

Is it obvious to you what the next action should be?

If it isn't then refine and tweak it, or even better get a second opinion from a friend or relative.

Once you have established what you want to say you need to decide how you are going to distribute the message or messages.

Now this is where it could get challenging for some of you.

If you're not a fan of technology, then push yourself out of the fear zone.

There are social media management tools that you can use which will make life easier for you with your content distribution.

Most of them are easy to set up.

Just link the social media profiles that you want to post to.

Then schedule the content to go out when you want it to.

do you find marketing boring

So How Else Can You Make Your Marketing More Interesting For You To Do?

Creating your content in advance and scheduling it once a week, will help you:

  • Eliminate overwhelm, no longer do you have to think about posting everyday, the software will do it for you.
  • Stay focused on your end goal as you will always be working towards a defined target.
  • Measure how successful your marketing is over a longer period of time rather than relying on likes and shares as the measurement of your success.

I believe that business owners are happier when they know something they are applying to their business is working 

So let’s imagine that your end goal is to grow your list.

Your message would be crafted in way to encourage people to seek more information. and follow your call to action link.

This in turn would take them to a page with an email option box which would allow them to share their email details with you.

Your would be able to measure the success of this strategy, simply by looking at how many new people have joined your list.

What Else Can You Do To make your marketing more interesting?

Well something that I do is update old blogs and create new blog content.

The reason for this is very simple.

The more words that i have on my website, the more flags that i am planting on the search engines to direct people back to my business.

Every word I use in whatever combination is a potential key phrase or keyword.

This is also one of the reasons that blogging is a great way to drive free organic traffic to your website.

My content distribution strategy is pretty straightforward.

Publish blog on a Sunday.

Promote the blog on a Monday to my networks using mostly copy and paste techniques which takes me 60 minutes.

Sit back and let that activity do it’s job for the week and boy does it work.

Every week I get new subscribers, connections and sales.

And yes it is boring, because it’s a routine but it is marketing.

I know there are lots of other things that I could be doing and maybe I will over the next 12 months, but so far this strategy has served me well.


So we spoke about how small business marketing can be boring and we discussed what some of those reasons might be.

We also spoke about some of the things that you can do to make your whole marketing process more interesting and two activities that you can do right now which will put some joy back into your marketing activity.

What are the regular marketing activities that help you grow your business?

Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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