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December 14, 2020

Inexpensive Marketing For Small Businesses

One illusion quite a lot of small business owners are under is that marketing is expensive. When you hear the word 'marketing' and 'marketing budget' you're probably going to immediately vision a large invoice coming your way. Expecting to have to fork out thousands for paid ads or an SEO specialist.

However, this isn't the case. There are an abundance of inexpensive marketing ideas that don't cost your business an arm and a leg. And just because doesn't mean that they aren't as effective as a large paid ads campaign.

When integrated and set up correctly, these ideas and strategies can be just as productive as those that can cost a lot. Today we take a look at some of the top inexpensive marketing ideas that you can integrate into your small business today to grow both the business and the brand at an acceptable cost.

#1- Launch a referral service

One way of attracting new customers is by utilising your existing customer base and incentivising them through referral schemes. The reason that this appears on this list of inexpensive marketing ideas is that sometimes it can not cost your business at all. For example, if you have a subscription service you could offer the person whose referring a free month, meaning that you're not paying anything out. You can also include in the terms and condition that a monetary fee for referring (for example, £5 credit) is only redeemed when the person who has been referred placed an order. (If your website has a minimum order amount of let's say, £35, your business is still £30 cash flow positive).

inexpensive marketing

#2 - Make use of advertising on company vehicles 

If you have a fleet of vehicles or even a company car why not use it as an on-the-go advertising platform? Magnetic banners that can attach to the side of the car in a matter of seconds are very cost-effective and can have a huge boost on getting your business out there especially if you're parked in a place with a very heavy and consistent footfall.

#3 - Local sponsorships

If you're a small business who specialise in localised services why not look into sponsoring an event or a local sports team? This usually doesn't cost too much and can also get your brand recognised leading to more traffic to your website and potentially more customers.

#4 - Join business networking groups 

This shouldn't be seen as a way to gain sales but a way to grow your brand awareness and get your company known amongst other like-minded business owners. The options open to you will depend on where you live in the country but there are typically a few different networking meetings no matter where you are in the country. There are also online networking meetings that are usually more niche (for example, a meeting for those who have a passion for gaming). The cost of joining one of these business networking organisations tends to be a small monthly fee.

#5 - Repurpose your content

Once you have written a blog and posted it that isn't all it's good for. Repurposing your content is a highly valuable way of not only enhancing your SEO strategy but also for creating fresh, new content for your audience. An example of how you could potentially repurpose your content is to amalgamate a few of your top tip blogs into a fresh and simple infographic.

#6 - Offer coupons on your website

One way to increase sales whilst at the same time not losing money is to offer coupons on your website. For example for every £50 order customers will get a £5 discount. Although this means that you are losing £5 in the whole of the sale the business is still securing guaranteed sales of £45 whilst also providing the customer with value for money. This can also be valuable in not only attracting new customers to your business but also rewarding the loyalty of existing customers.

#7 - Startup an email newsletter

Each month sending out a newsletter to subscribers not only keeps them engaged with you as a business but it can also allow you to inform them of both active and upcoming promotions that your business is offering.

#8 - Submit your  your website to online directories.

Online directories are not only beneficial for growing your online presence but they are also a key part of your website SEO Strategy. The reason Backlinking.

Backlinking is one of the most crucial parts of any SEO strategy. Essentially backlinking is people coming through to your website from another website. The more prominent and authoritative the source of the link, the better, you can read more about the importance of online directories for SEO juice here.

#9 Offer a free webinar using zoom

Zoom video conferencing is very popular right now, as it is an effective way of being able to host a webinar for prospects at very little cost to yourself. You can even set up a paid webinar where the attendees pay you first. Read How to use Zoom Video Conferencing

as you can see from the above ideas, marketing does not always have to be expensive

 Yes paid ad campaigns can be extremely powerful and at the same time expensive but remember, they aren't the only way to market your business. And some of the alternate ways to market your business can be just as powerful in growing your brand, your business and of course, your sales.

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